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IMC 4G設有網上增值 , 等大家可以隨時隨地充值 , 數據同 …

Lucky SIM Hong Kong Producto/servicio HongKong Sim 香港咭檔 Empresa de telecomunicaciones
30GB 45日 只售 $98,最遲2021年12月31日開啟 啱曬短期要多數據使用 購買

MARKETNG 7025 Integrated Marketing Communications …

 · Describe about the Integrated Marketing Communications. Previously the objective of the company to undertake the IMC approach has been discussed, these are the objectives or what the company wants to achieve form the IMC plan are as indicated on the screen. Awareness and recognition of the problem
Stacy Wy Chang – Associate Director – 瑞銀環球資產管理
– Planned strategy/campaign to create demand, generate leads and acquire customers for Taiwan & Hong Kong. • Lead a wide range of marketing program from communication plan to campaign initiatives • Have a strong track record, boosting Hong Kong Wealth Management’s Net New Money inflows from new clients acquired through digital channels by almost 300% in 1 year.
職稱: 瑞銀環球資產管理 Associate Director
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