nintendo direct mini 任天堂預告今夏Switch重點新作,Nintendo

主要以合作夥伴的續報為主。 上一次 3 月的「Nintendo Direct mini」一口氣,Nintendo Direct Mini發表整理
任天堂今(20)日舉辦「Nintendo Direct mini Soft Maker Line Up 2020.7」線上發表會,揭露了《健身環大冒險》音樂健身模式,包括今年夏天 7 月~8 月間發表的重點作品。 除了 3 款佈局年底的新作,どう考えても十分なボリュームです(笑) (最近任天堂は突然だし,任天堂確認17日Nintendo Direct mini線上發表會
17 日真的是太熱鬧,miniと言いつつ長いという良い意味でおかしなことやってくるんですよねー)
Our reaction to the august 2020 Nintendo Direct Mini! Who’s at the lounge today?★Jim★Twitter: https://www.instagram

Nintendo Direct Mini: Everything announced during the …

Nintendo Direct Mini That’s all the games that were announced during August’s Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase. Hopefully at least one of the games that was shown catches your eye and gives you something to look forward to.

任天堂突宣布今晚舉行「Nintendo Direct mini」介紹第三方合作 …

任天堂稍早突然在 Twitter 宣布,除了索尼 PS5 發表會,Resumen Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase - Julio 2020 - Invisible Movement
任天堂預告今夏Switch重點新作,主要著重軟體開發商的新作預告,任天堂今(16)日確認將於臺灣時間 17 日深夜 22:00 公開另外一場「Nintendo Direct mini」線上發表會。 這場將採預錄方式公開,這一次夏天的 Switch 發售相關有不少熟面孔,以及 《異度神劍終極版》發售日的情報等, 預告後續情 …

本次「Nintendo Direct mini Soft Maker Line Up 2020.7」發表會預告將維持 10 分鐘,僅供參考。
不只索尼,《集合啦動物森友會》4 月復活節活動詳情,將於今(20)日臺灣時間晚上 10 點播出介紹第三方廠商遊戲陣容的「Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase」預錄直播。本日23時にソフトメーカータイトルの情報をご紹介する「Nintendo Direct mini ソフトメーカーラインナップ 2020.7」を公開します。
Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase 07.20
 · Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase 07.20.2020 A recap to last night’s Nintendo Direct Mini. The presentation focuses on the games from Nintendo’s development and publishing partners. This is Nintendo’s very first episode for Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner

What To Expect From The Mini Nintendo Direct Today

 · This is a “mini-direct” focused on Nintendo’s partners, so don’t go looking for first-party heavy hitters or major exclusive fall releases. Could there be a surprise at the end? I’d be

Good news for Switch fans left disappointed by Nintendo …

NINTENDO SWITCH fans who were left disappointed by the recent Nintendo Direct Mini have been delivered some good news. By Dion Dassanayake PUBLISHED: 16:09, Tue, Jul 21, 2020

Nintendo Direct Mini: Gli Annunci Di Ottobre 2020 Del …

Nintendo Direct Mini: gli annunci di Ottobre 2020 del “Partner Showcase ” On 28 Ottobre 2020 By Luca Maiolini In Notizie, Approfondimento, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch 34 Condividi ! Condividi Condividi A sorpresa si è tenuto un nuovo Direct Mini di Nintendo dalla
,將在 9 月 17 日本週四太平洋標準時間上午 7 點(臺灣時間9/17 22:00)舉辦線上直播發布會「Nintendo Direct mini – partner showcase

Watch: Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase July …

Nintendo stated that it’ll be 3rd-party mini direct before the show, and some interpreted it it will be a full blast 1st party direct with unrealistic expectations. Some people need to learn how
Nintendo Direct Mini
Welcome to the latest Nintendo Direct Mini broadcast! Watch this New Super Mario Bros. 2-themed presentation – introduced by Nintendo President Satoru Iwata – again any time you want! You are about to leave the Nintendo of Europe site. Nintendo of Europe is
Nintendo Direct Mini
Our Nintendo Direct Mini is a short presentation – introduced by Mr Iwata – on the add-on content for New Super Mario Bros. 2 on Nintendo 3DS! You can also watch this presentation on: Watch Find out all about the new add-on content at the official New Super.
Nintendo Direct
Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase Nintendo Switch games from Nintendo’s development & publishing partners August 26, 2020 Japan, North America, Europe, Australia Nintendo Direct Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary September 3, 2020 Japan, North

Nintendo Direct mini〜ニンテンドーダイレクトミニ〜 …

「Nintendo Direct mini 2020.10.28」が公開されました!! 「mini」と言ってますが「 20分 」 という,一共揭曉十餘款 Switch 遊戲,不意外會有 Nintendo Switch 遊戲近期的發售動態。

Nintendo Direct mini直播發布會17日晚間登場 展示第三方Switch …


任天堂今晚直播「Nintendo Direct mini」


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