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They find out another member has kissed their twin …

Xiumin: -Sehun. He felt like you were too old to be kissing him. He also felt like it was disgusting because you were his sister and all. You kinda shrugged it off as something not to get worked up about- “you kissed one of my group mates. That’s really weird.

listography: HunHan (Sehun and Luhan)

chapters / nc17 – Sehun’s twin brother is too popular and too jealous. (Warnings: Twincest.) Peter Pan chapters / nc17 – Sehun meets Luhan, a cute boy who runs a cuddly toy shop. (Warnings: Overload of cute.) Quit Playing one shot / nc17 – Luhan gives

6 Moments From “Dokgo Rewind” Starring EXO’s Sehun …

The drama starts with Kang Hyuk (Sehun) and his two friends deciding to step in to save Kim Gyu Soon (Yoo In Hwan) and his sister Kim Hyeon Seon (Kang Mina) from a gang of delinquents.
Dokgo Rewind
Dokgo Rewind (Korean: 독고 리와인드; RR: Doggo Liwaindeu) is a 2018 South Korean action web-seriesbased on popular webtoon of the same name by Meen and Baek Seung-hoon.[2] It stars Oh Sehun,[3][4] Jo Byung-gyu,[5] Ahn Bo-hyun,[6] and Mina.[7] The web-film deals with bullying, violence and corruption within the high schools among the
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I can’t believe: EXO react to the other members liking …

EXO react to the other members liking their twin sister (analysis) Thanks for your request my dear. <3 Xiumin: Minseok would be wary inwardly, but not mention it to the member in question.He’s not completely against this member having feelings for his sister, he
EXO Member Profile and Facts: Sehun
Sehun is the maknae of EXO-K. He is the member with the most aegyo. He is quiet and shy at first, but after you get to know him, he is very lively. He can hardly stay still. He is very close with EXO-M member Luhan, because Luhan was the first friend he had made
Partnering Sehun
42 Twin sister 43 Missing Sehun 44 Sehun’s back and the past 45 Everything’s back to norm 46 Holiday Part 1: At Jeju 47
Alternate Universe – Twins – Works
Sehun has a twin brother who’s brilliant and thrives off the attention it in an egoistic steam. He is normally forgotten and he convinces himself that it’s better off that way. Junmyeon is an older college student that is on the same level as his twin but doesn’t look over Sehun.
Thread of the Fates
Sehun’s sassy, cocky twin brother who mostly cares about his own business. Until his brother needs him. Although he loves picking on Sehun or completely ignoring his existence, he will always be there for his brother. Through thick or thin. Completely in love
? Checkmate
Her twin is a popular flowerboy in school while her sister is well-known for her beauty and charming smile. Her father ; Shibuya Kaori is a professional surgeon while her mother ; …

notyournoona? — MASTERLIST

 · SILVERSPOON (Baekhyun, Sehun, etc) you are Baekhyun’s twin sister. Discover living as the royal twins of Freisa (ongoing) 梁蠟 KAI TRUST (KAI X you) 梁 CHANYEOL Last Letter (Chanyeol x you) SUHO Behave Princess (Suho x you

Sehun Malaysia — Oh Sehun

Sehun and Chen cried while watching the drama, ‘Heartstrings’ Sehun thinks that he’s the most handsome in EXO Before their debut, Sehun and Luhan was often mistaken as real brother/twin by others trainees Sehun and Luhan likes buy couple t-shirts and
Exo reaction when they find out you’re a sister of
Exo reaction when they find out you’re a sister of a GOT7/BTS member – Thank you to my girl @kpopismylife365 who’s been helping my lately, love you Xiumin: *He’d be a little surprised but would have already guessed from how close you and J-Hope actually were

Sehun Profile and Facts; Sehun’s Ideal Type (Updated!)

Sehun facts: – He was born in Seoul, South Korea. – Family: Father, mother, older brother (3 years older) – Education: Seoul Arts High School – MBTI type: INTP – He was scouted on the streets when he was only 12 years old. – He’s a former ulzzang.
Teagan Rybka Wiki
The Australian dancer was born in Perth, Australia on 22nd June 1995. She has a twin sister name, Sam Rybka. The name of her biological parents is not mentioned. With her sister Sam, she has participated in numerous events and competitions which
OH Sehun France. – Accueil
OH Sehun France. 8 837 J’aime · 4 en parlent. Fanbase française sur Sehun du groupe EXO. Création : 07.07.15 Voir plus de contenu de OH Sehun France. sur Facebook


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